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        Freedom from traffic blocks.

               Freedom from parking space search.

                      Freedom from long queues.    

                              Hassle free remittance facility.


               "Our Online Banking Platform is the key to delivering consumer 

experiences that strengthen engagement and in-branch relationships"


  KYC : Global freedom facility will be offered only to the existing customers of GMEC whose KYC details are available at the branch level for future verifications.

  Banks : Remittance transfers will be limited to five dedicated bank accounts maintained by GMEC, i.e., Bank Muscat, National Bank of Oman, Bank Dhofar, Sohar International and Oman Arab Bank where customers will transfer funds from their individual accounts maintained with these Banks, through online transfers and/or through cheque deposits.

  Mode : Customers to initiate transfer advices through their e-mail ID’s and/or mobile numbers registered with the branches.

  Source of Funds : Transaction processing will be subject to submission of satisfactory evidence of Source of Origin of Funds wherever warranted (transaction amount greater than the threshold limit set as per the risk categorization).

  EDD : Enhanced customer due diligence measures will be applied as per AML law 2016 in all applicable cases.

  Third Party : Customers to ensure that they are initiating online transfer from his / her account and the actual remitter of the transaction are one and the same whose KYC details are registered with the branches; no third party transfers will be permitted.




   The transfer will be effected on the date of sight of funds with proper narration in our account and at prevailing rates at that time.

   The company will not held responsible for delay on account of emergency situations/natural calamities/riots/ other disasters/issues which are beyond its control. In such cases the funds will be transferred as soon as normalcy is restored and the company commence operations.

  Cash Deposits (direct/through CDM) are not allowed and any such deposits will not be processed and refund processing can be made only after submission of satisfactory evidences physically at our office on working days and the process may take time. Kindly avoid cash deposits.

  Please transfer the funds from your account to any of the accounts listed above. 




   The customers are required to put the reference number generated in the narration field invariably.

   All mentioned rates in this page are indicative and the transaction will be processed at the prevailing rate when the fund hits our account. Please call your GMEC Branch numbers before initiating transaction request if required.

   While Making The Online Transfer To Bank, Please Mention Your Name In The Particulars Column.