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Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing us. We are privileged to serve you.!!

The Services (Money Transfer / Foreign Currency Exchange) offered by Global Money Exchange branches / online platform (Global Freedom) shall be governed by the following Terms & Conditions.

By viewing or registering with www.globalmoneyexchange.net / Money Transfer App, you are accepting the Terms and Conditions and its amendments as may be implemented from time to time.


   The online services are available for the registered customers of GMEC only. New customers will have to register through the MobileApp, and upon verification by the referral branch, business relationship will be established as per the AML Law 2016.







    Transfer order maybe put on HOLD by GMEC in the event of any additional information / clarification from you is required.

    For using our services you should be at least 18 years old and that you have legal capacity to perform these transactions.

   Only personal remittances will be permitted and no corporate or charitable transfers will be permitted.

   Online services are acceptable for bank transfers to specified countries only and it may not be active in jurisdictions where there are regulatory restrictions.

  The platform doesn’t hold any financial information, which can be used to defraud the customer. Rather it is a repository of beneficiary information with a provision to record the customer’s transfer order indicating payment by bank transfer or payment by OmanNet e-Payment Gateway. If any fraud or unauthorized transfers are noticed through the online banking platform, we will roll-back the facility for ensuring database integrity as per the extant instructions of the Regulator.

Delivery Policy:

   We will not be responsible for any wrong credit due to any wrong information provided by you.

  We are not responsible for any delay/non-payment/under-payment due to unforeseen events beyond our control like natural calamities, failure of infrastructure, other political problems, non-compliance of KYC/AML norms in remittance, third party agents issues, etc.

  Please verify the currency rates or remittance details before initializing the transaction as we may not be able to address your grievance later. We are providing exchange rates as applicable in our physical locations through the mobile application, which are subjected to periodical revisions. All changes in physical store locations are replicated in real time in the money transfer app as well. Tools to assist the customer for calculating currency conversions are also provided. Pricing and Transfer information is transparent




Transaction Limit through Online Banking:

   Daily transaction limit is RO 3,000/-.

   Maximum of 10 transactions are permitted in a month with cumulative transaction limit of RO 30,000/-.

  You shall transfer the amount within 30 minutes from the transaction order. Beyond this period, transaction will lead to cancellation. The transaction will be completed when the amount is deposited in the bank accounts maintained with GMEC in accordance with the transfer order.

ID Requirement:

   Please provide your National ID card / Passport (travel documents) if required by our customer service representatives.


   The customer has to approach only the concerned GMEC branch where the transaction was executed within 72 hours in case of any wrong credit, amendment or cancellation; however, the resolution of the complaint will be subject to the final confirmation of reversal/amendment/cancellation by the Corresponding Bank / Agent. Please escalate the queries or concerns in writing to globalho@globalmoneyexchange.net . We will come back to you within 7 business days after the receipt of our acknowledgement of your complaint.


Refund/ Return/ Cancellation Policy

   Cancellation of fund transfer or currency exchange requires remitter's written request in the prescribed format with valid reason and should be produced along with original receipt/reference number in case of Mobile App.

   Refund will be paid only after the stop payment confirmation is received from the Corresponding Bank / Agent.

   Commission / Charge will not be refunded if the cancellation request is due to the wrong information provided by the customer.

   In the event of a rejection or refund, we will try to approach the customer within reasonable time period (1-2 working days) over phone / SMS.



Dispute Resolution:

   In case of any disagreement between the Customer & GMEC, steps will be taken from GMEC's end to resolve the issue through formal and clear written communication before escalation. If required, a meeting will be also organized where both parties can openly raise any concerns and negotiate an amicable solution to the issue. Unless otherwise required by applicable law, all claims arising out of or relating to a transaction, shall be settled exclusively by arbitration or mediation administered by Oman Courts.



   We are not responsible for any delay / non-payment / under-payment due to unforeseen events beyond our control like natural calamities, failure of infrastructure, other political issues, non-compliance of KYC/AML norms in remittances, etc. The Terms & Conditions of Western Union, MoneyGram and other International Money Transfer Agents shall be applicable for transactions routed through them; however, we shall endeavor our level best to coordinate with the respective IMTs to resolve any complaints arising out of transactions done through them. For detailed information, please visit their respective websites.