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What types of transactions can I make through Global Money Exchange?

We provide remittance facility to Bank accounts as well as cash pickup services. One can make remittance to any bank account, which is permitted to accept transfer from Oman, subject to limits on number of transactions and transaction amount. These limits vary from country to country as well as product to product; moreover, please ensure that any remittance you make should commensurate with your earnings.

How do you do currency exchange?

We buy and sell all major currencies at competitive rates. Sale of foreign currency is carried out based on availability of the currency with us. Customers can purchase foreign currency by tendering OMR or exchange foreign currency with you and collect OMR.  

Is it possible to cancel a remittance?

As all the transactions are carried out electronically, usually beneficiary's account will be credited within minutes; however, we may cancel a transaction if the amount is not received by the Beneficiary Bank / Channel Partner. In case, if you notice that the beneficiary details are not correct, please contact the nearest branch and inform.

Who can send money through Global Money Exchange?

Holders of valid Resident Cards issued in Oman can send money through us. GCC Nationals, holding their valid resident cards, can also make remittance through us. Persons who are on visit visa / tourist visa cannot make remittances through us. Expatriates who hold resident card of other GCC countries, cannot make remittance through Global Money Exchange, only currency exchange is possible.

What details I need for bank transfer?

To make a bank transfer (India / Bangladesh / Sri Lanka / Nepal / Philippines / Indonesia / Egypt), one must furnish the beneficiary name, account number, his/her bank and branch details. For bank remittances to Pakistan, we need Name of the Bank and the IBAN number of the Beneficiary. Personal Bank remittances to UAE and Saudi Arabia requires bank name, branch name, IBAN number as well as the SWIFT code.

What details I need for cash pickup?

All you need is the name of the beneficiary that appears exactly printed in his/her ID card. Mobile number and location of the beneficiary will be added advantages.

How much time does it take for bank transfer to India?

Global Money Exchange is happy to announce instant money transfer facility to 25 major banks in India through IMPS. Remittance will be credited to the account immediately, irrespective of holidays and working hours.

What is KYC?

Global Money Exchange adopts international standards to combat money laundering and terrorism. As a part of it, customers are requested to produce their ID card at the time of each remittances they make. While making large value remittances, customers are requested to produce the source of income and bank withdrawal slip along with declaration of purpose of remittance.


Should you have other questions, please email us at globalho@globalmoneyexchange.net or call us at +968 9983 8325.